1. Meet new friends
you will be surrounded by people who love animals as much as you do, and they might even become lifelong friends. This widens your social circle and incorporates compassionate people who shares your interest

2. Your efforts will help an animal get ready and increase its chances for a new home
animals coming into the shelter vary according to their needs. Animals that appear happy and healthy have a bigger chance to be adopted.Our shelter animals need lots of love and attention. At Wollies we have a lovely walking trail where you can take our animals for a walk. We have a play are where the dogs can swim and have fun as well as needed exercise.

3.Boost your mood and health
Volunteering gives us a sense of satisfaction for helping others. It lowers stress, makes you feel needed and appreciated, increase happiness and much more. It is a feel good activity and what better way to spend the day than with furry friends.

4. Gain experience
Whether you are working the phones, stuffing mailers, grooming animals or arranging meet and greet with potential owners you are gaining experience. Young adults can become better acquainted with animals, experience responsibility and gain reference for employers or tertiary institutions. Working adults can include it on their resume. Someone who is unemployed can get a boost of self esteem and confidence by being part of a team.

5.Trying something new is fun
A new activity can be exciting an a change of pace for a mundane or repetitive schedule. Why not make that something new be volunteering?? You will gain a host of other benefits and the rush of happiness when a pet you helped get a new FOREVER home.

6. Stay active
Being a volunteer keeps your mind, body and emotions active and healthy. Sitting at home on weekends in front of a TV can get boring. Volunteering that time instead keeps you thinking, moving and feeling.

7. Become part of an important team
animal shelters need money and people to stay open. Some of them face closure constantly. YOU could be one of those extra hands that help another pet get adopted