Puppy Shower Project

A Project focused on Puppy Adoptions

Our shelter cares for more than 1000 abused, abandoned
and neglected cats and dogs.

On average we take in 2 puppys per day which equals
up to 60 a month.

This project is aimed at promoting our puppy adoptions.
The sheer number of puppies taken in by the shelter is
an ever present challenge.

Many of the new puppies require medical care which
causes very high veterinarean bills.

Things that is important to us when hosting a Puppy Shower

Hygiene, cleanliness and order

The safety and happiness of our puppies and the public 

Ensuring we respect any opportunity given to us by a host 

Important things to note:

Only healthy and socialized puppies form part of the puppy

The size, number and age of the puppies will be inline with
the wishes of the host

Our aim is to make the experience as wonderful and possible for everyone

At the event we will ensure

A neat table is set up

Puppy pens are kept clean by staff and volunteers

No less than 3 staff members or volunteers will be
at the event ensuring everything runs smooth

The event will be managed professionally