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The when and How of Wollies

Wollies started in 2003 from humble beginnings.

The initial purpose Wollies had was to sterilize as many animals as possible.

“Rescue animals aren’t
broken, they’ve simply
experienced more life than
other animals”.

If they were human we would
call them wise. 
They would be
the ones with “tails” to tell and
stories to write

It did not end with this sterilization project. We started helping abandoned, neglected and abused animals. 

Recognising the need we  evolved into a full-scale operation which is known today

Through desperate times we persevered and managed to officially open Wollies Animal Shelter on 29 May 2013. 

To date, Wollies has expanded to
nearly a 1 000 homeless dogs and cats.

We subsequently became registered as a non-profit, pro-live organisation which
does not receive any government funding. 
Every cat and dog stays with us until they
find their forever homes. 
Life is what we offer them and we will never take these
rights away.

We STRONGLY believe that if people are educated on the benefits of sterilization
and if these costs were more affordable, then there would be fewer abandoned,
abused and homeless animals.

When we started building our kennels we ensured that there was enough space for
the dogs to run and play, as we place a couple of dogs together in each kennel
This is not always easy but one has the advantage that these dogs are then
socialised, which makes it a lot easier when they are adopted by a family who
already have other dogs.

I could not and cannot do all of this by myself. Volunteers from all walks
of life have joined Wollies by sharing in my passion and burden and we
love these animals unconditionally as if they were our own. No
organisation can be successful without hands and hearts of gold
holding these beliefs together and paving the way forward for these fur

This was by no means an easy feat, BUT as we enter the shelter today –the worries of the next meal is washed away as we are excitedly greeted by wagging tails & purring bodies. 
This is when we know that
the tears, the struggles, the battles and the constant disappointment, was all worth it at the end of the day!

“You will …. never go hungry again!Never need to be afraid again!
You will receive love and attentionAndhave food every day.
You will have a warm bed to sleep in,never be given up on or thrown away.
We promise that you will beloved and cared for 
and that your new family keeps the promise 
we have given you”

The abandoned are happy, and although the shelter is just a “halfway stop” to their forever homes their roads are paved with love, care and food in the time that they spent with us and this final promise will always ring true:-